* Are you wondering which Montessori activities you should have for your child?
* Or struggling to find Montessori activities which interest them and wondering why they just dump everything?
Or what should you do if they don’t take things to a table or put things away?
* Why it’s important to observe our child to know the best activities to choose to meet their needs?
* And what can we observe and why?

What this workshop will cover

I’m so excited to share everything you need to know about Montessori activities and observation. There are so many questions I regularly get asked and so I have created this workshop to cover:

  1. The types of Montessori activities our children need
  2. What makes an activity Montessori
  3. How much we should show our child and how much should let them explore
  4. How to observe our child
  5. How observing can help us understand what Montessori activities our child needs
  6. Tips for successfully using Montessori activities at home

This workshop is about putting all the ideas about Montessori activities and observation into practice and the things that come up when we try it at home.

You’ll need your notebook and pen during the workshop as there will be some practice exercises for you to do too.

So this workshop will be more than just learning to create a Montessori shelf. We’ll be learning to look at what our child is showing us they need, and creating activities for them so we are helping them become the best version of themselves.

Because each child is unique and can thrive so much when we learn to understand them and support them better.

Course details

This was a live online workshop. If you missed it, it’s still possible to purchase the recording here. And it will feel like you were there with us.

Length: 2 hours + Q&A

Cost: US$29

To register: Click HERE

Age: this workshop focuses on activities under 4 years old but the principles apply to any age child

If you purchase now you will get immediate access. And the recording won’t expire so you have unlimited access. Watch it right now, or at your own pace, and come back to it anytime as your child grows.

Accessibility: Closed captions are available

20% of the profits of these online courses goes to Educateurs Sans Frontiers


“Just finished your workshop and just wanted to say it was amazing! I really loved it and it was very honest and full of useful recommendations. Thank you so much.” – @toddlertoddlerlittlestar

“It was amazing. I loved it. My observations have improved X 100 since watching…Thank you @themontessorinotebook.” – @playbasedlearningnyc

Also useful for teachers…
“I got great reminders of how to look at my classroom set up with fresh eyes, and how to carve time for more observation!
It made me feel like I wanted to be a child in your classroom, just to enjoy your presentations and environment in a more personal way.” – Ana-Maria

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  Montessori activities & observation
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