* Are you just starting out with toileting with your child?
* Are you having some problems with toilet learning?
* Or maybe you want some reassurance you are on the right track?

Learning to use the toilet can be a natural and positive progression for your child. In this workshop you will learn strategies to encourage your child to become independent and confident in this area.

What the workshop covers

In this workshop Ferne will set out a 4-step process to toileting independence and at the end of the workshop you will:
1. Understand independent toileting as a developmental process
2. Know how to prepare yourself
3. Know how to prepare the environment
4. Know how to identify the stage you are at with your child and support them through the stages
5. Be confident to get started or how to adjust your approach
6. Be committed and consistent

To register

This was a live online workshop. If you missed it, it’s still possible to purchase the recording here. And it will feel like you were there with us.

Length: 2 hour recorded seminar + nearly 1 hour of Q&A
Cost: US$29
To register: Click HERE

Payment is possible by Paypal or credit card. You will have access for unlimited time.

Accessibility: Closed captions are available

20% of the profits from these online workshops is donated to Educateurs Sans Frontiers


” Thank you. I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for the amazing Montessori toileting seminar. It has literally been transformative for us. Every day for the last week my sixteen month old has told me when he needs a ‘poo poo’ and taken himself to the potty. No dirty nappies! We have a way to go before we get there with the pee, but have our training pants on order ready for lots of nappy free lockdown. Thank you again. This isn’t the first time you’ve transformed our lives as parents (your book is a daily reference in our house) and I really can’t say thank you enough for everything that you do.

The biggest shift was definitely setting up an accessible toileting station downstairs. (Previously our potty was upstairs.) We only have a small space downstairs, but laid everything out the best we could like Ferne suggested. He just seems to love that it is clearly his space, where he now knows to go if he needs to poop.

Amazingly, this morning he actually did it for two pees too! Thank you both again!” – Becky

“We made so many changes in the past 1 week, open his baby crib to a toddler bed, stopped his nighttime feeding and removed his nighttime diaper as well. During the day, he has hardly any accidents peeing in his underwear now. His poo is getting better and doing it more on the toilet. Still a few accidents but I think he’s starting to get a hang of it with practice. He likes to clean the toilet bowl too with the toilet brush which is a bonus.

Ethan was definitely ready for toilet training and I think with your workshop, it gave me more confidence as a parent to help him along this process. It helped me to make tweaks along the way and to help him to grow in his independence. Thanks again!” – Cari

“I watched the toileting course last Saturday and started it with Kai on Sunday. He thought it was all so normal because I was so clear about everything and also sure where I could give him freedom and space in the process and got a good step so he could go straight to the toilet without an insert. He had 2 accidents on Sunday, 1 Monday and since then all good in just telling me when to go indoor and outdoor. Tonight we will start with no diaper during the night. We would never done that so soon without the comment of Ferne about don’t just wait for all to be dry, so fingers crossed and we will see. So in short…. Thank you both so much to giving me the tools and the self trust that I could use for this special process. Nothing hard about it as what you sometimes hear from ‘normal’ people ;-)” – Maaike

About the trainer

I am honoured to be hosting this workshop as Ferne was my children’s very first Montessori teacher and in 2004 I worked for Ferne as her assistant at Down Under Three parent-child program, my very first experience working in a Montessori environment.

Ferne van Zyl is a Montessori educator who has over 30 years experience with babies and toddlers and has 4 grown children. She has provided training and support for hundreds of families on setting up environments for independence, effective communication skills and practical strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour.

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